We are a Virginia SWaM and Micro business.

Fincastle Consulting, Inc. DBA: Access Control Specialists is a registered SWaM in the commonwealth of Virginia. Registration number: 647565.

We are posting this just to provide that information to customers who are looking to comply with the Governor’s executive order number 20 require use of businesses such as ours for purchases under $10,000.00.

We can provide the following:

Locks and locksmith services

Security and fire alarm monitoring.

Security equipment.

CCTV cameras.

IP Cameras, NVR.s and DVR’s.

All types of Access Control.

Card Readers.

HID cards, FOBs and electrified locking devices.

Enterprise level Access Control systems.

Stand alone access control systems.

Please contact us at 540.473.2030 or jeff(at)access-cs.com for further information.

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RV Alarm systems? Who would they call?

Today’s new touch screen alarm systems would work well in an RV. As long as there is the appropriate cell service, the panel could send you emails and updates to your smart phone. If you don’t have a smart phone, you could have a central station call your regular phone if there was an alarm or notification.

You could adjust your thermostat, be notified if the temperature dropped or rose above a certain point, and even know if someone entered the motor-home or trailer!

Direct to phone service starts at $20 a month with central station involvement adding $10 to the bill. The central station would have to be updated with your location to dispatch emergancy services. Two-way options are available for medical alert patients while travling with the system. The central station could speak directly with you to determine the location.

The systems are easy to install and can be programmed via the network once powered up. Send us an email at jeff@access-cs.com for more information!

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Are IP Cameras ready for prime time?

Many people have put off upgrading their analogue cameras due to the high price of upgrading to IP cameras. In the last year, prices have dropped across the board and quality has jumped. A 1.2 megapixel camera was $750 a year or so ago. Today, there’s a 10 MP camera with LEDs available for $250!

Another factor is that most businesses now have at least one computer capable of handling the larger file sizes and bandwidth necessary to host the IP feeds. More business owners have smart phones making it more useful since most of the cameras have apps for viewing offsite.

Many camera manufacturers offer free software for small installations. Combined with use of an existing computer, a new system could be installed for less than the original price of the analogue system!

Call today for a free analysis of your needs, 540-315-4363.



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Access for the Navy Yard Shooter – We all need to clean out the database on a regular basis!

It’s not clear how the shooter got access to the secure base but it is clear that many systems managers do not delete old users on a regular basis.

When folks leave for a new job or medical leave, many times we do not remove their access authorization to secure areas. Even though the user may come back in the future, it’s a simple task to clear access and return it when they return.

Anything could happen while they are gone. A family member or acquaintance could get hold of the credential and breach security for a variety of reasons! A few minutes a week and this security hole can be plugged quite easily.

Communication with HR can provide a weekly list of who’s not going to need access for a period of time and those credentials can be edited to make sure there’s no unauthorized entry.

We recommend that the credential have the access removed instead of deleting the credential. That way if unauthorized entry is attempted, there will be an electronic trail. If you video system in integrated with the access i.e. Genetec, you will be able to determine who attempted entry.

Take a look at your databases today and make sure you are not leaving your facility at risk by having cards or FOBs floating around that are not longer authorized. It’s for everyone’s good!

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Distribution center video entry and exit system to control loss.

Access Control Specialists can now install a video entry exit system that allows you to see if your employees are leaving in the same condition they arrived in.

Each employee reads their card on the way in and a short video is taken. When they exit, the video is shown on the monitor so the security officer can compare the appearance of the employee with their “entry” video. The system is automated, so all the officer has to do is look at the monitor. The employee’s file picture also pops up on the screen so the officer can confirm that the person wanting entry is the person who is on the card.

Here’s how it works:

Check in by reading at the entry reader.

Check in by reading at the entry reader.

Check in at the entry reader and the officer can see that your picture matches the one on the card. It pops up on the left-hand monitor and also takes a three-second video of the employee entering.

This camera takes a short video of each employee when they enter.

This camera takes a short video of each employee when they enter.

When the employee exits:

The employee reads out when leaving.

The employee reads out when leaving.

The employee’s “entry” video shows up on the screen so the officer can determine if they have changed while at work.

"In" picture shows up on "out" card read.

Completely automated entry and exit security pictures for any distribution center!

Call today, 540-315-4363 or email jeff@access-cs.com today for more information.

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Lock-down for your access control system.

How do you lock-down your access control system?

With concerns about school security, many security managers need to know how to lock-down buildings with their access control panel. Most access software’s have a procedure for locking down some or all doors in a facility.

Genetec has a plug in specifically for lock-down. You can lock down by control  panel so a bit of forethought is needed if you want to lock down your building in stages. The public areas can be kept separably locked down from the office or computer areas. This give you a greater control over the security of the building.


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Budget fire and burglar alarm monitoring?

We can provide inexpensive fire and burglar alarm monitoring for you. We are located in the Blacksburg, Virginia area. Our office is in Riner, Virginia.

We will take over your non-propriatory burglar alarm panel for $20 monthly. Fire for $35 with daily test. Open/close reports or other services have additional fees.  Cellular backup is an additional $7.50 a month. Equipment costs vary for cellular equipment depending on your existing panel. The average cost for a device is $225. We can provide a new 2Gig panel with three doors. one motion, and a key fob for $495. Cellular is included in that package as well.

The panel can control lights and thermostats as well. Just programming your thermostat to lower when you are out could save enough to cover the monthly fee.

You can eliminate your landline for your alarm panel. Commercial fire alarms do require a phone line.

It comes in a countertop version for apartments or students. Completely programmed and self installed for $395 with a 24 month monitoring commitment.

Our central station is Dynamark Monitoring in Hagerstown Maryland. UL listed and super friendly and helpful on the phones. Fast response to alarms and call-ins.

Give us a call today at 540-315-6343 and leave your contact info. We will return your call quickly.


Thanks for considering Access-CS for your security needs.

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Access-CS now a certified Genetec Integrator!

What does that me to you? We can now provide an enterprise level access control, video and license plate recogniton solution. Genetec is a leader in the industry and we are now a authorized dealer.

The Genetec platform supports badge in badge out as well as anti-pass back features. All activity can be viewed from the Security Center locally or remotely.

We can now provide turnkey integrated security solutions. We can install all parts from door hardware to the server and all parts in between. That means if there are issues you only need to deal with us…one stop shopping!

Of course, we can still set up an internet and smart phone interface with the Genetec product.



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Can you save money by using on-line thermostat control?

Yes you can! If you use the on-line thermostat control available through the 2GIG panel you can reduce your heat or cooling when you leave and then turn it back to your comfortable temperature 30 minutes before you go home so you return to comfort.

The department of energy estimates you can save 10 to 15 % of your heating and cooling costs by changing the temperature by 15 degrees for eight hours each day. See the article here.

Your alarm panel would pay for itself if your average energy bill is $200 a month. What a deal! Call us today.

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Update to wire thieves story and video…Captured!

Our film of the guys stealing wire from our recycling barrel enabled local law enforcement to track down and arrest the perpetrators. They will be be taken out of the pool of possible thieves in the area for a while.

Thanks to the Botetourt County Sheriffs Department for their work and success on this case. Keep in mind that it would never have been solved without the video record. They would not have know where to start or who to look for with out the documentation.

Call to have CCTV installed at your business today!

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