Alarm Purchase Page

The first we need to determine if you have cellular coverage where you would like to have the alarm system. It is best to enter the full address into the page here to see if your home or business is in range of an AT & T  cellular tower for the system to communicate with.

Another option is the T-Mobile Network that can be checked here!

After you have determined that you have coverage, you can purchase an alarm and we will ship it to you programmed and ready to go.

First Name

Last Name

Street Address




Premise Phone (if one exists) or primary phone number for the central station to call if the alarm goes off *before* they call the authorities.

Secret word ( to identify yourself to the Central Station when they call)

Call list other to call after the authorities are called to provide entry to premises. Special Permission can be made to call the call list prior to calling the authorities to reduce false alarms.

Name            Phone Number             Language

AT & T


The kit includes 3 door contacts, one motion detector and one wireless keyfob. Additional devices are as follows:

Door Contact  $50

Motion  $75

Smoke Detector  $100

CO2 detector $100

Temperature Detector $100

Home automation is available, call 540-315-6343


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