Distribution Warehouse Employee Photo Security – Keeping Everyone Honest

We have developed software that takes a picture of employees entering distribution warehouses and then shows that picture to the security desk when they are checking out of work.

This product lets you know if people are wearing the same thing when they leave as they were when they came in!

You can also review the video later to spot check guard procedures and catch folks who take advantage any guard distractions. When there’s a break or a shift change it can be easy to slip something past the guards. Video cameras never stop looking!

The Software takes a quick picture, (3 seconds) as they read their ID card in and then shows that picture instantly when they read their card out.

Employees can get in and out quickly with no delay. Amazon at one point had a lawsuit concerning how long it took their employees to get in and out. This can helpĀ  to prevent those types of issues. Other methods, like having the employees turn out their pockets and checking bags, can be performed during the 3 second period in, and as they check out.

A bonus is that all activity at the gates are being recorded so if you need to go back and double check someone suspicious, the film is available later. You can keep it as long as you want with enough computer storage or delete it more often if you have privacy concerns!

Give us a call for pricing and availability. It takes about three days to install. It requires a server and two guard stations for a normal installation but is scale-able upwards or downwards as needed. The solution can be federated across multiple locations or be free standing. You can provide some of the equipment or we can do a turnkey installation.

Call today! Jeff @ 540-309-7233

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