RV Alarm systems? Who would they call?

Today’s new touch screen alarm systems would work well in an RV. As long as there is the appropriate cell service, the panel could send you emails and updates to your smart phone. If you don’t have a smart phone, you could have a central station call your regular phone if there was an alarm or notification.

You could adjust your thermostat, be notified if the temperature dropped or rose above a certain point, and even know if someone entered the motor-home or trailer!

Direct to phone service starts at $20 a month with central station involvement adding $10 to the bill. The central station would have to be updated with your location to dispatch emergancy services. Two-way options are available for medical alert patients while travling with the system. The central station could speak directly with you to determine the location.

The systems are easy to install and can be programmed via the network once powered up. Send us an email at jeff@access-cs.com for more information!

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